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I think it is safe to say that you do not really understand how expensive health care can be and what an insurance policy covers until you experience a medical event. Up till then, you’ve just seen the written policy, which has to summarize services for a wide variety of health issues and often uses language that is hard to understand. The result is a book called “Evidence of Coverage.” Not something you find on the bestseller list of reading material. 

Knowing that a “book” is not what consumers want to read, insurance marketers will often highlight internet access and wellness coaching,  rather than details about out of pocket costs.

Here is an example: Jamie breaks an arm. With a higher-premium policy that pays a larger share of the cost of care, Jamie’s total out of pocket cost would be $4,000. If Jamie had selected a policy based only on premium costs and selected the plan with the lowest premiums, Jamie’s total out of pocket expense for the broken arm would be $6,000, due to a higher deductible and higher co-pays for covered services.

Steps to picking a plan go beyond comparing premiums. You can learn how in a workshop, “Smart Choice: Health Insurance ™ Basics.”  This free workshop is offered online on November  6th, 7:00-8:00 pm.  Register by November 4th at

Getting the most out of your coverage and learning more about navigating the claims process is part of Smart Use: Health Insurance™ Actions.  It will be taught online on November 13. To receive log-in information, register for this program by November 11th at

Smart Choice: Health Insurance™  was developed by a team of experts from across the nation led by University of Maryland Extension.  

Joyce Lash

Joyce Lash

Joyce Lash is a Human Sciences Specialist in Family Finance who wants to keep you ahead of the curve on financial information.

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