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Bank Check
Bank Check

Reconciling a checking account, comparing the bank’s records of checking account activity with your own records, is one of those things I learned when I opened my first account at the age of 16. There is something very satisfying when it matches to the penny AND it ensure that my checking account balance is correct.

It is a challenging to teach tech-savvy individuals to value and adopt the practice of reconciling their bank accounts. Many just rely on a phone app to ensure there is enough money in their account before writing a check. The flaw in this strategy is this: what if there are outstanding checks that have not yet cleared, so there is actually less money in the account than there appears to be on the banking app on your phone?

This week I learned an alarming new reason for reconciling your bank accounts. Over a period of several months, my daughter had purchased supplies for a group she volunteered for. She electronically deposited the reimbursement checks into her account by taking a picture of the checks with her phone. She put the deposited checks in a neat stack on her desk so she would remember to file or destroy them later. Weeks later, her husband found and deposited the checks not knowing they were waiting to be destroyed. He encountered no red flags or warnings, and the checks were deposited a second time. The error was not discovered until the group for whom she volunteered reconciled their account. Had they NOT reconciled their account, the error might never have been discovered.

I find this alarming. There was a period of time where I wrote checks at a large chain store; they scanned my check and handed it back to me. What if a dishonest clerk would have scanned it twice and pocketed the cash from the register? Her register would have balanced at the end of the day. What if I had lost the check and someone deposited it? What if…?

What measures are you going to take to protect yourself from this potential problem? For information about reconciling a bank account, check out How To Reconcile A Bank Account.

Brenda Schmitt

Brenda Schmitt

A Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Family Finance Field Specialist helping North Central Iowans make the most of their money.

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