Today is #GivingTuesday, an annual event begun in 2012 to spark a “global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world on December 3, 2019 and every day.”

As it follows on the heels of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and even “Small Business Saturday,” I find “Giving Tuesday” a huge relief – a welcome change of pace, not focused on shopping.

There are three ways we can use our money: Spend, Save, or Share. I don’t think the “sharing” element always gets its due attention. Sharing happens in many ways, including charitable giving and also including gifts to people we care about. It’s true that for many people, Black Friday and Cyber Monday focus on shopping for gifts we want to give to others; that is sharing, after all. But I see the kind of gift-giving I do with family and friends to be a little different. It’s less of a pure kind of sharing, because it’s usually reciprocal: “I need to give them something nice, because I know they’ll be giving me something nice, too.”

What I really like about Giving Tuesday is that it seems to encourage a more selfless sharing, with a main focus is on promoting the good of others, on something bigger than ourselves. If I can buy gifts for people who already have plenty, then surely I can also GIVE selflessly to causes that will help make the world a better place, or to people who have real need.

As you consider your giving options, focus on why you want to give when deciding whether and where to make donations. Giving to organizations you know (often local organizations) can ensure that your gifts are used well; when considering larger national charities, check them out with organizations that evaluate charities, such as, or  

Giving is part of my monthly budget every month all year round. So on Giving Tuesday I am reminded to consider where this month’s gifts will do the most good, and also to reexamine whether I can give a little more…

Barb Wollan

Barb Wollan's goal as a Family Finance program specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is to help people use their money according to THEIR priorities. She provides information and tools, and then encourages folks to focus on what they control: their own decisions about what to do with the money they have.

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