Flexible Thinking

We have all had an overload of opportunities to exercise flexible thinking in the past few weeks. Some individuals shifted the workplace from the office to their home. The normal routines are not working. A number of workers lost all income security. School-age children are on an extended holiday in March!

Most of us are comfortable following routines; we don’t like to change our habits. In “normal” times, when nothing else in our life is changing, any suggestions for financial changes tend to be ignored. A time like this, when so much in our lives is being upended, can be an opportunity to make positive changes in our financial habits! Why not take advantage of the chance to change and grow? 

  • Think about others. There are many who don’t have the luxury of working at home or the security of a steady paycheck. If you can, let family and friends know you are willing to help if finances get strained. Sometimes a message of support can lessen stress and prevent someone from feeling they don’t have options.
  • Challenge your current spending habits. If you have survived a week or two without eating out, recreational shopping, or going to the movies; can you feel better about using a part of those funds to repay a debt or add to savings and not feel deprived?
  • Define some of your benefits in a different way. Hard earned vacation pay reserved for “fun”, might be easier to use now if you think of it as “paid time off.” A restricted definition of how available funds should be used can be a deficit when there are essential bills to pay.
  • Measure your workplace adaptability. It’s a great time to be an amateur, many individuals are being thrown into an online work environment or being asked to take on new responsibilities. Some new ways of working may become standard procedures and you can be the expert from all the practice!
  • Share what you are learning, especially if it pertains to alternatives for toilet paper!!!

I wish you all the best during these challenging times, we’ll learn some things about ourselves and have some new skills when it’s over.

Joyce Lash

Joyce Lash is a Human Sciences Specialist in Family Finance who wants to keep you ahead of the curve on financial information.

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