Health Insurance Marketplace Reopens

Normally the health insurance marketplace is open just once a year in the fall (Nov 1 – Dec 15). This year, however, the government is opening the federally-run Marketplace today (February 15) for three months. Since Iowa uses the federal marketplace (, this opportunity is available to Iowans. For readers in other states: many of the state-run health insurance marketplaces are also opening for the same three-month period.

Are you worried about choosing a health insurance policy? ISU Extension is offering a one-hour online workshop called “Smart Choice Basics” to help you understand key factors to consider when choosing a policy. The workshop is free, but pre-registration is required. Two options are available – choose the one that fits your schedule, and preregister today!

In the health insurance marketplace, Americans who do not have quality coverage available on the job can enroll in insurance plans that cover the ten essential benefits (including prescriptions, mental health care, rehabilitation, and more). In addition, you may qualify to get help paying the premiums, through the Premium Tax Credit. You may be eligible for a Premium Tax Credit if your income is below: $51,000 (single); $68,900 (couple); or $104,800 (family of four). Find out more at NOTE: if you are very near the income limit, you are eligible for only a small amount of help, but it does cap the percentage of your income you’ll need to pay for health insurance.

Keep in mind: You can always have a “special enrollment period” in the marketplace if you lose your insurance (e.g. leave your job, get divorced, or other reason). This new opportunity can be helpful for people who didn’t sign up when they could have, but have now decided that they need insurance after all.

Barb Wollan

Barb Wollan's goal as a Family Finance program specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is to help people use their money according to THEIR priorities. She provides information and tools, and then encourages folks to focus on what they control: their own decisions about what to do with the money they have.

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2 thoughts on “Health Insurance Marketplace Reopens

  1. Hey there,

    As you said in the post that if I’m very near the income limit, I’m eligible for only a small amount of help.
    Also, you added that it does cap the percentage of my income, moreover I’ll need to pay for health insurance.

    So my question is, Can I get the health insurance without any payment?

  2. So your question is whether you can purchase insurance in the Marketplace even without getting help paying the premiums? That answer is yes. The Marketplace is open to anyone.

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