Some Things Never Change

I have three grown children: each with two kids of their own. They once shared (with an eyeroll) how they always knew when mom was learning a new parenting curriculum because I would implement the strategies and techniques on them. It is now a privilege and a joy to watch my kids as parents and occasionally I will see one of those strategies from their past emerge in their home.

I really liked those parenting programs and the lessons that they reinforced in my kids (showing love while setting limits, using natural consequences, Savings/Spending/Credit, etc.). But as you would expect, there is now an app for SOME of that.  One that caught my eye allows a parent to pay their child an allowance or for extra chores. The money accumulates on a debit card which they can use to purchase the things they want or need.

The latest app being used with a couple of my grandkids is quite amazing. It teaches the Time Value of Money, Smart Spending through Rewards and the power of delayed gratification using Savings Goals.  The free version allows you to assign points to chores the child can earn and points for rewards the child can save for. For example…if a child wants a sleep over, the child will need to earn 1000 points.  Cleaning the toy room (a weekly chore) may be worth 5 points while emptying the dishwasher (a daily chore) may be worth only 1 point. The points can be assigned a dollar value as well.  So, if the child wants a $5 stuffed animal and it takes 10 points to equal $1, the child will need 50 points to buy the stuffed animal….I think there is also a math lesson in there.

What keeps it interesting is the fact that no two kids are alike, so what works for one child may not work for the next. I see that with my grandkids: one is highly motivated by rewards and has a long list of wants, while the other just loves to help and has no wish list.

By searching for “Child Chore Apps” on the web, you will find lists of apps that could be useful to parents trying to raise responsible young people and provide kids an opportunity to experience, practice and apply life skills, including money management.

Brenda Schmitt

A Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Family Finance Field Specialist helping North Central Iowans make the most of their money.

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