Iowa State Dairy Association Announces New Executive Director

Iowa State Dairy Association (ISDA) has named Jeff Creger as their new executive director. Creger will be joining ISDA’s current associate director Mitch Schulte to lead public policy and government relation strategies to advance the success of ISDA members.

“We are excited to have Jeff join the ISDA family working to represent the 1,360 dairy farms in Iowa,” stated Larry Shover, Chair of the Board. “His experience in agriculture and sales will be a true asset in building relationships to advance our mission of facilitating, growing and promoting the Iowa Dairy Industry.”

Agriculture has been long a part of Creger’s life since he grew up on a family farm in Central Iowa. He received his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in agriculture business with an emphasis in sales and marketing. Prior to joining ISDA, he spent most of his career working with agronomy for Monsanto, Titan Pro SCI and Valent USA.

“One of the attributes that stands out for dairy farmers is their focus on family, and I am excited to join this family,” Creger said. “I am ready to work for dairy farmers to be their face and voice out in the countryside and at the Capitol. I have a lot to learn, but am ready to grow membership, strengthen relationships and build a better future for dairy in Iowa.”
Creger can be contacted at:

Jeff Creger

Executive Director

(641) 381-0030

Weekly Hay Auction Report

Rock Valley Hay Auction for Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

Receipts:  103 loads    Last Week:  83 loads    Last Year:  94 loads

Compared to last week:   Alfalfa and grass hay sold with steady to firm.

Alfalfa:  Premium:  Large Squares, 4 loads 112.50-130.00; Large Rounds, 6 loads 112.50-130.00; Small Squares, 2 loads 120.00-130.00.  Good:  Large Squares, 2 loads 95.00-105.00; Large Rounds, 12 loads 97.50-105.00.  Fair:  Large Rounds, 6 loads 82.50-92.50.

Grass:  Premium:  Large Squares, 2 loads 117.50-132.50; Large Rounds, 3 loads 112.50-122.50. Good:  Large Squares, 3 loads 82.50-92.50; Large Rounds, 37 loads 82.50-105.00.  Fair: Large Rounds, 7 loads 67.50-77.50.

Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  Good:  Large Squares, 1 load 105.00; Large Rounds, 1 load 95.00. Fair:  Large Squares, 1 load 80.00.

Straw:  Large Squares, 1 load 85.00.  Large Rounds, 7 loads 85.00-100.00.

Cornstalks:  Large Squares, 1 load 45.00.  Large Rounds, 7 loads 40.00-57.50.

Holstein Percentage Growing in Beef Industry

In the recent issue of the Beef Cow Calf Weekly, U.S. Operations Vice President of AgriClear Nevil Speer discussed the National Beef Quality Audit and noted that while the industry has increased black-hided cattle, the percentage of carcasses with Holstein influence has moved from 5.7 percent in 2000 to 20.4 percent in 2016.

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Iowa Milk Production Up 3 Percent From August 2016

Milk production in Iowa during August 2017 totaled 434 million pounds, up 3 percent from the previous August according to the latest USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Milk Production report.

The average number of milk cows during August, at 217,000 head, was the same as last month and 3,000 more than last year. Monthly production per cow averaged 2,000 pounds, up 30 pounds from last August.


Milk production in the 23 major state during August totaled 17.0 billion pounds, up 2.1 percent from August 2016. Production per cow averaged 1,948 pounds for August, 26 pounds above August 2016, whic is the highest per cow production for the month of August since the 23 state series began in 2003.

The complete report is available at:



Fall Tour: Iowa and South Dakota Dairymen Invite Other Producers To See How They Do It

Dairy producers along the I-29 region including Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota are invited to attend the “Implementing Technology for Farm and Family Success” tour of South Dakota and Iowa dairies on Monday, November 13. The tour is sponsored by the 1-29 Moo University. The buss will leave the Denny Sanford Premier Center complex in Sioux Falls at 9 a.m. and arrive back at 6 p.m.

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Weekly Hay Auction Report

Rock Valley Hay Auction for Thursday, Sep 14, 2017

Receipts:  83 loads    Last Week:  75 loads    Last Year:  94 loads

Compared to last week:   Alfalfa sold lower, grass hay steady to lower.  Bedding materials slightly lower.

Alfalfa:  Premium:  Large Rounds and Squares, 4 loads 120.00. Good:  Large Rounds and Squares, 8 loads 95.00-112.50.  Fair:  Small Squares, 1 load 105.00; Large Rounds, 11 loads 75.00-92.00.

Grass:  Premium:  Large Squares, 8 load 110.00-125.00.  Good:  Large Rounds and Squares, 18 loads 82.50-105.00.  Fair: Large Rounds, 6 loads 60.00-80.00.  Utility:  Large Rounds, 2 loads 55.00.

Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  Good:  Large Squares, 2 load 90.00-105.00. Fair:  Large Rounds, 2 loads 75.00-80.00.  Utility:  Large Rounds, 1 load 60.00.

Straw:  Large Rounds, 3 loads 90.00-95.00, 1 load 70.  Large Squares, 1 load poor 42.50.

Cornstalks:  Large Rounds, 10 loads 40.00-62.50.

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? -Dairy Edition” Set For Sept. 19 & 26

Please mark your calendars for noon webinars on September 19 and 26. Join the ISU Extension and Outreach Dairy Team as Dr. Larry Tranel, ISU Extension and Outreach Dairy Specialist hosts “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. These webinars will include how to analyze a dairy for profits and the profitability of various dairy systems to focus on conventional, hybrid grazing dairy systems on September 19 and the organic and organic “grass-fed” dairy systems on September 26.   Webinars will also include videos from producers in each of these systems.

These webinars are sponsored by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and North Central Risk Management Education Center. If you’d like to join the webinar, log onto , or if you would like more information contact Larry Tranel at, 563-583-6496, Jenn Bentley at, 563-382-2949; Fred Hall at , 641- 257-9508, or Leo Timms at , 515-291-7371.

Also, we have an excellent collection of dairy budgets across all systems, production levels, etc. as well as a blank budget template and explanatory materials on our website. Feel FREE to visit us at:

WASDE Forecast Milk Production Up; Price Down

The World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates from USDA this week raised the milk production forecast for 2017 as increases in milk per cow more than offset a slower rate of milk cow expansion. For 2017, fat basis exports is reduced from the previous month on slowing cheese shipments, while fat basis imports are raised on increased purchases of butterfat. On a skim-solids basis, the export forecast for 2017 was lowered on weaker than expected skim milk powder sales, while the import forecast is raised due to stronger demand for a number of dairy products. For 2018, the milk production forecast was reduced from the previous month on slower growth in cow inventories. The annual fat basis export forecast is unchanged from the previous month, but the import forecast was reduced on expected declining cheese imports.

The skim-solids basis export forecast was reduced from the previous month as competition in international powder markets is expected to remain strong; imports are reduced on lower milk protein and cheese shipments.

Butter, NDM, and whey prices are forecast lower for 2017 while cheese prices are forecast higher from the previous month.

The 2017 Class III price is raised as higher forecast cheese prices offset lower whey prices.

The Class IV price is reduced on lower butter and NDM. For 2018, all dairy product prices are reduced, resulting in lower Class III and Class IV product prices.

The all milk price is reduced to $17.70 to $17.90 per cwt for 2017 and $17.75 to $18.55 per cwt for 2018.

Future of Leopold Center to be Discussed Sept. 19 At Dordt College

A listening session to gather input on the future of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture will be held Tuesday, September 19, 2017, from 6 to 8 pm at Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA.

The listening session will be held on the third floor of the Campus Center of Dordt College in rooms CA318 and 319. Parking is available in lot #1 off of 7th St NE. Enter the Campus Center through the main doors located near the clock tower.

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