Bilingual Calf Rearing Program Begins In NW Iowa

Dr. Ramirez explains the importance of colostrum to the new born calf.

On Tuesday, June 6, the first two farms to have Spanish-speaking employees trained in their native language on aspects of calf rearing where taught in Northwest Iowa.  Dairy Specialist Hugo Ramirez taught the classes with other dairy specialists assisting including Kim Clark from UNL and NW Iowa Dairy Specialist Fred M. Hall.

Employees from Multi Rose Jerseys at Rock Rapids and Maassen Dairy at Maurice received hands-on training on newborn calf and colostrum management and equipment cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition, these first two herds allowed us to video and photograph parts of the training for use in webinar presentations later this year.

Northwest Iowa herds interested in having the bilingual training for Spanish speaking employees on newborn calf and colostrum management, monitoring calf feeding equipment cleanliness and hygiene, handling stress and fear in dairy calves, or calf nutrition basics are encouraged to contact me to set up the training.

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