Dairy Directions Series Covers Forage Additives And More

Dr. Ramirez reviews forage information to dairymen in Sac City on Tuesday.

Dairymen from north and west central Iowa heard Dr. Hugo Ramirez address feed additives that are proven useful to dairymen plus discuss alternative forage crops that can extend traditional forage during the Dairy Directions Series held in Sac and Pocahontas counties earlier this week.

In addition, NW Iowa Dairy Specialist Fred M. Hall discussed the dairy market outlook and presented options for useful agriculture apps.

In Pocahontas, Dr. Kapil Arora, Extension Ag Engineer,  discussed CERCLA requiring farms to report air emissions of certain hazardous substances that exceed the “reportable quantity” for 24-hour period. He distributed a handout with details. Kapril noted that the process is in review until January 22, 2018.

Extension Engineer Kapril Arora discusses the CERCLA requirements with dairymen in Pocahontas on Wednesday.

The educational series was supported by Dairyland Seed and the local representative Kelli Barnett.

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