Weekly Hay Auction Report

Iowa Hay Summary    Week Ending  July 20

The quality of second cutting hay continued to exceed the quality of first cutting hay as both first and second cuttings of hay were available across Iowa. Northeast Iowa went nearly the entire week with no rain, which may have been a first for this year.

Although hay cuttings lag behind recent years, yield per acre on hay ground is running ahead of schedule due to consistent rains across the state.

Rock Valley Hay Auction for Thursday, Jul 19, 2018

Receipts: 81 loads    Last Week:  89 loads    Last Year:  118 loads

Alfalfa:  Good:  Large Squares, 1 loads 150.00; Large Rounds, 5 loads 130.00-132.50.  Fair:  Large Rounds, 18 loads 112.50-127.50.  Utility: Large Squares, 2 loads 80.00; Large Rounds, 6 loads 72.50-102.50.

Grass:  Premium:  Small Squares, 1 load 160.00; Large Rounds, 1 load 145.00.  Good:  Small Squares, 1 load 130.00; Large Rounds, 10 loads 115.00-127.50.  Fair: Large Rounds, 11 loads 90.00-115.00.  Utility: Large Rounds, 2 loads 62.00-70.00.

Alfalfa/Grass Mixed:  Good: Large Rounds, 1 load 127.50.  Fair:  Large Squares, 1 load 92.50.

Oat Hay:  Large Rounds, 1 load 97.50.

Straw:  Large Squares, 2 loads 95.00-102.50, 7 loads 72.50-87.50; Large Rounds, 1 load 100.00.

Bean Straw:  Large Rounds, 1 load 45.00.

Cornstalks:  Large Rounds, 3 loads 45.00-55.00.


Calf Management Training Resources Now Available

ISU Extension and Outreach training videos are available in both English and Spanish

AMES, Iowa – Having properly trained employees is critical for the health, growth and development of dairy calves and for the profitability and sustainability of a dairy farm. A new series of resources is available through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to provide training in calf management including; newborn calf care, colostrum management, calf nutrition, animal handling, automatic calf feeder management and hygiene and sanitation. Each of the videos are less than 3 minutes in length, utilizing video demonstration of on farm practices to emphasize key calf management practices.

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Dairy Farm Stress Webinar Series Available On-Line

To help dairy farmers deal with stress, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach hosted a series of three webinars that discuss how to recognize the signs of stress, how to deal with dairy farm families experiencing stress, analyzing a dairy for profits, the profitability of various dairy systems and what FINBIN says about production costs. The webinars were held on July 10, 17 and 24.

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WASDE Lowers Production And Price Estimates

Yesterdays WASDE report has milk production forecasts for both 2018 and 2019  lowered from last month on slower than anticipated growth in milk per cow and lower cow numbers. Although tempered by lower expected feed costs, lower milk prices will likely weaken producer margins, resulting in lower cow numbers and slower growth in milk per cow. USDA’s Cattle report, to be released on July 20th, will provide a midyear estimate of dairy cow and dairy replacement heifer inventories.

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Weekly Hay Auction Report

Rock Valley Hay Auction for Thursday, Jul 5, 2018

Receipts: 51 loads    Last Week:  48 loads    Last Year:  54 loads

Alfalfa:  Good:  Large Squares, 1 load 150.00; Large Rounds, 1 load 155.00.  Fair:  Large Squares, 2 loads 115.00-135.00; Large Rounds, 5 loads 110.00-130.00.  Utility:  Large Squares, 4 loads 95.00-100.00, 1 load 50.00; Large Rounds, 8 loads 75.00-107.50.

Grass:  Good: Large Squares, 1 load 142.50; Large Rounds, 10 loads 125.00-140.00.  Fair: Large Rounds, 4 loads 90.00-122.50.  Utility: Large Rounds, 2 loads 80.00-90.00; Large Squares, 2 loads 52.50-60.00.

Alfalfa/Grass Mixed:  Good: Large Rounds, 2 loads 137.50-140.00. Utility:  Large Rounds, 1 load 90.00.

Straw:  Small Squares, 1 load 2.75.  Large Squares, 3 loads 130.00, 2 loads 70.00-77.50.

Cornstalks:  Large Rounds, 1 load 55.00.