Weekly Hay Auction Report

Iowa Hay Summary    Week Ending  August 24, 2018

This weeks lower prices were reflective of the poorer quality hay and straw that was being sold.  Iowa producers could not catch a break and again most of the hay was wet when it was baled.  Top of the line dairy hay, both cow and goat, was being brought in from out of state.  Small square bales were scarce as this size of packaging appeared to be bought straight out of the field rather than hauled to a public sale.

Rock Valley Hay Auction for Thursday, Aug 23, 2018

Receipts:  95 loads    Last Week:  84 loads    Last Year:  82 loads

Alfalfa:  Premium:  Large Squares, 2 loads 165.00-170.00.  Good: Large Squares, 2 loads 145.00-150.00; Large Rounds, 3 loads 145.00- 152.50.  Fair:  Large Rounds, 11 loads 120.00-135.00.  Utility: Large Squares, 2 loads 100.00-112.50; Large Rounds, 13 loads 62.50-115.00.

Grass:  Premium:  Large Rounds, 3 loads 140.00-150.00.  Good:  Large Rounds, 6 loads 120.00-137.50; Small Squares, 1 load 142.50.  Fair: Large Rounds, 29 loads 90.00-117.50.  Utility: Large Rounds, 9 loads 70.00-82.50.

Alfalfa/Grass Mixed:  Fair: Large Squares, 1 load 120.00; Large Squares, 1 load 122.50.  Utility to Fair:  Large Rounds, 3 loads 82.50 -87.50; Small Squares, 1 load 80.00.

Straw:  Large Squares, 1 load 105.00; Large Rounds, 2 loads 102.50- 110.00.

Cornstalks:  Large Rounds, 3 loads 57.50-60.00.

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