September Milk Price Up

Iowa Agrinews reports the average price for milk was $17.40 per cwt, up $1.10 from the August price but $0.80 below one year ago. Prices received for milk cows for dairy herd replacement averaged $1,170 per head as of October 1, 2018.

All hay prices in Iowa averaged $108.00 per ton in September. This was up $3.00 from the August price and $7.00 above the September 2017 price. The September 2018 alfalfa hay price averaged $109.00, down $1.00 from the previous month but $4.00 above September 2017. The average price received for other hay during September was $103.00 per ton. This was up $15.00 from both the August 2018 and the September 2017 prices.

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