What States Increased and Decreased Milk Production?

The recent USDA milk report shows half of the 23-states recorded milk production levels lower than last year in November, but the declines were largely offset by California, up 91 million pounds, and Texas, up 51 million pounds compared to a year ago. Wisconsin milk production returned to higher than the prior year, but by only 0.1 percent. Idaho production surpassed last year, with milk increasing 4 percent. At the same time, New York, saw output shrink 0.3 percent below year-ago levels.

Virginia topped the list with the largest YOY percentage decline, down 10.7 percent. In total pounds, Pennsylvania lost the most milk in November, down 36 million pounds.

California had fewer dairy cows in November, thus the state’s large output
gain was the result of higher output per cow, up 3.6 percent. Colorado’s dairy herd increased 14,000 head YOY but output per cow fell 1.4 percent compared to last year.

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