Tips For Keeping Employees Safe From Winter Cold

Maristela Rovai, assistant professor & South Dakota State University Extension dairy specialist has some steps farmers can take to help their employees get through this storm safely. 

  1. Encourage employees to wear appropriate clothing. This includes layering up and ensuring as little skin is exposed to the elements as possible. This tip sheet by South Dakota State extension explains appropriate winter clothing in English and Spanish. 
  2. Offer frequent breaks to help employees warm up. While your barn staff will spend most of the day inside, employees that work on the outside crew will need frequent short breaks to come inside and let their body temperatures warm up, according to 
  3. Consider offering warm beverages and snacks. Hot drinks like coffee and tea can go a long way in keeping employees warm while they work outside. Also, just like a calf, the human body burns more calories trying to stay warm than it does during mild weather. Offer employees calorie rich snacks.
  4. Implement a buddy system for outside work. Employers should consider asking employees to work outside in pairs, so they can keep an eye out for symptoms of hypothermia and frost bite.

Weekly Hay Auction Report

Rock Valley Hay Auction for Monday, Jan 21, 2019 
Receipts: 15 loads Last Week: 25 loads Year Ago: No Sale (Blizzard)
Alfalfa: Good: Large Rounds, 1 load 147.50. Fair: Large Rounds, 4 loads 120.00-130.00. Utility: Large Rounds, 1 load 112.50.
Grass: Good: Large Rounds, 5 loads 125.00-145.00. Utility: Large Rounds, 1 load 102.50.
Straw: Large Squares, 1 load 110.00.
Corn Stalks: Large Rounds, 2 loads 57.50-62.50.

Highs And Lows In Milk Market This Week

CME spot nonfat dry milk (NDM) logged a fresh two-year high, reaching $1.045 per pound on Tuesday, although they slipped back to $1.03 on Friday, steady with last week. The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction provided the fuel for the fire in the milk powder markets. Skim milk powder (SMP) prices soared at the GDT, jumping 10.3% to the equivalent of NDM at $1.16 per pound, the highest price since Feburary 2017.

CME spot Cheddar barrels plunged Thursday to $1.185, their lowest value since July 2009. They finished today at $1.20, down 4.5ȼ this week. Blocks posted a less momentous but still discouraging 1ȼ decline. They closed at $1.40.

Global Dairy Trade Event 228 concluded with the GDT Price Index up 4.2%

Key Results
AMF index up 3.2%, average price US$5,294/MT
Butter index up 4.6%, average price US$4,262/MT
BMP not offered
Ched index up 4.2%, average price US$3,504/MT
LAC index up 7.9%, average price US$1,032/MT
RenCas index down 1.4%, average price US$5,047/MT
SMP index up 10.3%, average price US$2,405/MT
SWP index not available, average price not available
WMP index up 3.0%, average price US$2,777/MT
Full results have been published at:

Local Leaders Urge End to Shutdown, Discuss Effects

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Local leaders on a press call today discussed the effects of the government shutdown and urged Congress and the president to forge a compromise and end it.

Click here for a recording of today’s press call.

The following are quotes from speakers on today’s call: Continue reading “Local Leaders Urge End to Shutdown, Discuss Effects”

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