Monthly Dairy Webinar: What Does This Season’s Corn Silage Look Like?

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Dairy Team monthly webinar series continues on Wednesday, October 21 from 12 noon to 1 pm. This program “What does this season’s corn silage look like?” features a presentation Neal Wininger, Feed and Forage Consultant, Dairyland Labs Arcadia, Wisconsin.

Neal Wininger, Feed and Forage Consultant, Dairyland Labs will discuss what the lab analysis from this year’s corn silage samples are telling him about the quality of the crop and what producers can anticipate about how it will convert into milk in the tank. Producers, dairy consultants and industry representatives can attend the webinar at:

No registration is required and there is no fee.

For more information contact the Iowa Extension Dairy Field Specialist in your area:

Region 2 – Jennifer Bentley-  email:   phone: 563.382.2949

Region 3 – Larry Tranel-  email:  phone: 563.583.6496

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