Join Us At The 4-State Dairy Nutrition & Management Conference In June!

ORANGE CITY- Learn the latest information about dairy nutrition and management at the 2023 Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference on June 7 and 8 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. Join us in person for an unmatched experience with opportunities to be involved in lively panel discussions, a new feature with graduate student posters and presentations, for networking, socializing, and all the sessions. In person attendees will have access to all recorded plenary presentations after the conference.

An online option is great for scheduling flexibility, especially for our international audience. The online option will include only plenary sessions from the conference shared as video recordings shortly after the conference.

Phibro’s pre-conference symposium focuses on strategies to improve profits. Norm St. Pierre, Perdue Agribusiness, will provide an overview the dairy economic outlook. Adrian Barragan, Penn State University will cover peri-partum inflammation. Cornell University professor Sabine Mann will discuss factors that affect colostrum production and quality and Jessica McArt also from Cornell University, will discuss how to manage fresh cows to reduce disease incidence.

Four State conference plenary speakers include Mike Steele, University of Guelph, discussing new concepts in prenatal and neonatal calf care. Eduardo Ribeiro, University of Guelph, will be showing the economics of transition cow health and Norm St. Pierre will explain the goofy things we do in dairy nutrition that are penny wise and dollar foolish.

June eighth plenary speakers include Marcia Endres and Jim Salfer discussing feeding in robotic milking systems and presentations by two dairy producers Sam Fessenden and Jake Peissig discussing their robot feeding strategies.

Bring your questions because both plenary sessions will include a lively half hour discussion between session speakers and participants.

Select breakout topics include:

  • New concepts in weaning and post weaning strategies.
  • Postpartum ketones: friend or foe.
  • Improving pregnancy outcomes after IFV embryo transfer in dairy herds.
  • Evaluating corn silage nutritive value for dairy cattle – MILK model updates.
  • Calcium response technologies: new innovations milk fever prevention.
  • Breeding and management opportunities for creating the ideal dairy heifer.
  • Modulating inflammation during the transition period: before or after calving?
  • Amino acid balancing in transition cow diets – A California perspective.
  • What should we do with beef on dairy calves.

In addition, The Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Committee is excited to announce the inaugural graduate student three-minute thesis contest. This completion allows students to showcase their research in a way understandable to those outside the dairy industry. This contest will be open to 12 selected students from the University of Illinois, Iowa State University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The presentations will be during the breakout sessions on Wednesday.

The trade show, evening receptions and time to network is included. Continuing education credits are available. This is a collaborative effort of Extension Services of Iowa State University, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin.


To register, visit or for more information:

In Minnesota contact Jim Salfer at or 612-360-4506.

In Iowa contact Fred Hall as or 641-257-9508

In Wisconsin contact Paul Fricke at pmfricke@wisc.ed or 608-263-4596

In Illinois, contact Phil Cardoso at or 217-300-2303

The conference registration fee is $150 until May 26 and $175 after that.

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