Now is the time to Assess Alfalfa Stands

Leah Ten Napel, Iowa State Extension and Outreach Field Agronomist in NW IA Reminds us:

Assessing Alfalfa Stands- As we wait for our soils to warm here in NW Iowa, it’s a great time to be assessing our alfalfa stands for winter injury. I have been called out to several alfalfa fields already this spring. It appears that older stands may not have survived the winter as well.  Ideally, we want at least 55 stems per square foot. If crowns are healthy, might still accept down to 40 stems per square foot with somewhat reduced yield. For additional resources to utilize when assessing your stand, check out this blog on Scouting for Winter Injury in Alfalfa Fields.
Pasture Weed Ma
nagement- Early spring is an excellent time to clean up biennials, winter annuals, and some perennials present in pastures. Pastures may thin due to natural aging of the stand, poor species by site selection, pest issues, poor fertility, overgrazing, or heavy traffic. Check out this article on how to Take Control of Your Weedy Pastures this Spring.

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