I-29 Moo University to present “Do Old Genetics Hold the Future for Mastitis Susceptibility?” webinar on Dec. 19

The I-29 Moo University 2023 Dairy Webinar Series continues Tuesday, Dec. 19 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. CST. The webinar will feature a discussion on mastitis resistance from older genetics.

The speaker, Dr. Kaitlyn Sarlo Davila, is an animal scientist researching mastitis at the USDA ARS National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa. Her research focuses on understanding the role of genetics in mastitis susceptibility.

“This presentation will focus on gene expression differences between contemporary and unselected Holsteins when faced with bacterial challenge,” said Fred Hall, ISU Extension and Outreach dairy specialist. “You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from Dr. Sarlo Davila.”

Genetic selection for milk production has increased U.S dairy productivity remarkably. Since the 1960s, the average milk production per U.S. Holstein has increased from around 6,000 kg to 13,000 kg. However, this selection has also impacted several immunity genes.

The University of Minnesota has maintained a Holstein herd unselected for milk production since the mid-1960s which has been shown to have a much more effective immune system than contemporary Holsteins that have been selected for milk production.

There is no fee to participate in the webinar; however, registration is required at least one hour before the webinar. Register online at https://go.iastate.edu/GUQLR1.

For more information, contact: in Iowa, Fred M. Hall, 712-737-4230; in Minnesota, Jim Salfer, 320-203-6093; or in South Dakota, Patricia Villamediana, 605-688-4116.

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