Dairy Directions Series Dec. 10-11 in Sac City and Pocahontas

The Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach Dairy Team will host its annual Dairy Directions Series Dec. 10 in Sac City and Dec. 11 in Pocahontas.

The series will focus on replacement heifers, risk management, cooling dairy cows and updates on the dairy market outlook and ISU dairy herd.

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Veterinarians From Denmark Visit Northwest Iowa Dairies

Dr. Nikke Engelbrecht discusses calf issues with Adam Maassen.

Veterinarians Edwin and Rikke Engelbrecht visited three Northwest Iowa dairies on their way to the American Association of Bovine Practitioners annual conference in Omaha, Nebraska last week. The Engelbrechts have a multi-clinic practice in Denmark that specializes in dairy health. They consult with herds across Europe, with Nikke specializing in calf and heifer issues while Edwin focuses on the milking herd.

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Dairy Heifer Feed Cost Worksheets Available

To help better monitor the feed costs associated with raising dairy replacements, University of Wisconsin Extension Dairy Management Specialist Bruce Jones and Dairy Heifer Management Specialist Matt Akins have updated Dairy Heifer Feed Cost Budget worksheet to assist farmers and managers in estimating feed costs of replacement dairy heifers.