Iowa State Dairy Association Announces New Executive Director

Iowa State Dairy Association (ISDA) has named Jeff Creger as their new executive director. Creger will be joining ISDA’s current associate director Mitch Schulte to lead public policy and government relation strategies to advance the success of ISDA members.

“We are excited to have Jeff join the ISDA family working to represent the 1,360 dairy farms in Iowa,” stated Larry Shover, Chair of the Board. “His experience in agriculture and sales will be a true asset in building relationships to advance our mission of facilitating, growing and promoting the Iowa Dairy Industry.”

Agriculture has been long a part of Creger’s life since he grew up on a family farm in Central Iowa. He received his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in agriculture business with an emphasis in sales and marketing. Prior to joining ISDA, he spent most of his career working with agronomy for Monsanto, Titan Pro SCI and Valent USA.

“One of the attributes that stands out for dairy farmers is their focus on family, and I am excited to join this family,” Creger said. “I am ready to work for dairy farmers to be their face and voice out in the countryside and at the Capitol. I have a lot to learn, but am ready to grow membership, strengthen relationships and build a better future for dairy in Iowa.”
Creger can be contacted at:

Jeff Creger

Executive Director

(641) 381-0030