Dairy Webinar Archived Edition Available

The webinar covering dairy risk tools, including dairy revenue protect and dairy margin coverage programs was held on Friday, May 17 with 115 in attendance. The webinar was recorded and each presentation can be viewed at:

Part 1 with Dr. Marin Bosic:


Part 2 with Cassie Monger and Josh Newton:


Here are some “take-home” messages for each program.

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Quick Facts About Dairy Revenue Protection

 Quick Facts About Dairy Revenue Protection (Dairy RP)

  • Dairy RP is a new RMA-backed crop insurance product which allows you to protect against falling milk prices.
  • Dairy RP is subsidized from 44% to 59%. The 95% coverage level will receive a 44% subsidy.
  • Dairy RP can be purchased any business day except holidays and 3 USDA dairy report days per month.
  • There are no milk production limits.
  • Premium due at end of the quarter.
  • It can be used even if you have MPP.
  • The pricing options include Class III, Class IV and components.
  • You can buy quarterly coverage for 5 quarters. For example, the first 5 quarters offered will be: Jan, Feb, Mar 2019 — April, May, June 2019 — July, Aug, Sept 2019 — Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 and Jan, Feb, Mar 2020.
  • There are no commissions or fees paid by you.