Legislative update: March 3

by Gary Taylor

HF 2318 that eliminates the term limits for City Development Board members, but changes the length of each term from six to four years, passed the Senate 30-19.  Since it already passed the House 88-7 on February 23 it will be sent on to the Governor for his signature.

SF 2316 relating to floodplain management (discussed here) has been referred to the House Rebuild Iowa standing committee.  The subcommittee assigned to the bill is Schueller (D-Maquoketa), Berry (D-Waterloo), Pettengill (R-Mt. Auburn), Running-Marquardt (D-Cedar Rapids), and Sands (R-Wapello).

SF 2265, the Smart Planning bill, has been the subject of significant activity in the House.  It was assigned to the Local Government standing committee.  The  subcommittee assigned to the bill was D. Olson, (D-Boone), Schueller (D-Maquoketa), Huser (D-Altoona), Grassley (R-New Hartford), and Wagner (R-Marion).  Kressig (D-Cedar Falls) was recently substituted for Huser.  A subcommittee meeting was held last Thursday, and the full Local Government committee has met yesterday and today to discuss this bill.  Several changes have been floating around, but so far the main three sections of the bill (Smart Planning goals, comprehensive planning elements, Smart Planning Task Force) remain in place.  Proposed changes have included changes to the makeup of the task force, the drop-dead date of the task force, changing “shall consider” to “may consider” in reference to the role of the Smart Planning goals in developing local comprehensive plans and development regulations. 

All bills must pass out of their respective committees prior to March 10 to be considered by the full body this session.

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