Smart Planning moves on; Severance/annexation now law

One thought on “Smart Planning moves on; Severance/annexation now law

  1. Does the bill require that a city maintain it’s continuity? For example, the City of Hiawatha is nearly surrounded by the Cities of Cedar Rapids and Robins. They have one parcel of land that they annexed that opened up a growth corridor on their northwest Corp Limit. At the time of annexation, that one parcel owner was “involuntary” and wanted to annex to the City of Cedar Rapids. Had he been allowed to annex to Cedar Rapids it would have blocked any future expansion of Corporate Limits for Hiawatha.

    So what happens if this land is now severed\annexed into Cedar Rapids, but Hiawatha has annexed territory beyond that. Thereby making a part of the city not contiguous with the rest of the city?

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