Latest information on Iowa Smart Planning legislation

The latest news on SF2265, the Smart Planning bill: 

Legislators are hoping to wrap up their work by March 26th, so decisions will be made very soon regarding movement of the bill in the House.  Several proposed amendments have been filed. Any amendments adopted in the House will require the bill to once again go to the Senate floor, for senators to concur with or reject the amendments.

Amendments filed to date that are expected to be offered during debate are as follows:

H-8341 is the House Local Government Committee amendment. The amendment changes “shall consider and may include” to “may consider and include” the Smart Planning Principles, and makes corresponding changes throughout the bill. The amendment also includes a revised definition of “development,” and makes changes to the composition, goals and tenure of the task force (dissolves on 12/31/12).

H-8364 would amend amendment H-8341 by sunsetting the task force upon submission of the recommendations that are due 11/15/10. (filed by Grassley, R-Butler)

H-8369 would amend amendment H-8341 by striking all of the bill language from SF2265 and insert the bill language from HF2476, which only enacts smart planning principles (in other words, eliminating the comprehensive plan elements and the taskforce); and adds language defining “development” requested by Farm Bureau (filed by Helland, R-Polk and Wagner, R-Linn).

H-8373 would amend the amendment H-8341 by clarifying that of six individuals appointed by the governor, at least one shall have experience in real estate, one in land development and one in residential construction (as previously drafted, it appeared that one from each city or county size listed must have these experiences). The amendment also restores paragraph f to page 16, line 26 of the bill (asks the task force to develop a model for regional comprehensive planning). (filed by D. Olson, D-Boone).

H-8365 would amend the bill by preventing RIO and IDOM from hiring additional employees or contracting to provide staff assistance and administrative support.  It also prohibits the expenditure of moneys related to the duties of the task force. This amendment is filed by Wagner (R-Linn). 

H-8366 would amend the bill (SF2265) by removing RIO from facilitation of the task force and makes the Iowa Department of Management the repository of records. (filed by Wagner, R-Linn).

H-8683 would amend the bill (SF2265) by striking all the language from SF2265 and replacing it with Smart Planning Principles (in other words, eliminating the comprehensive plan elements and the taskforce).  Includes a definition of “development” as requested by Farm Bureau. Requires the Rebuild Iowa Office to email the contents of the act to all state agency directors and governing body of each city and county in the state by 12/31/10. (filed by Deyoe, R-Story).









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