Update on Smart Planning repeal, other land use-related bills

HF 45, the “Taxpayers First Bill” that includes repeal of last year’s Smart Planning Act, passed the Iowa House last Wednesday.  An amendment to remove the Smart Planning repeal was offered by Representative Charles Isenhart (D-Dubuque) but did not pass.  The bill has been transmitted to the State Senate.  

Other bills directly or indirectly related to planning that have been introduced include:

SF 11:  A bill for an Act delegating to counties the permitting and enforcement powers of the department of natural resources in relation to 2 certain sewage disposal systems and authorizing penalties.

SF25:  A bill for an Act relating to open records and public meetings and including effective date provisions.

SF28:  A bill for an Act relating to local and regional planning and establishing a state office of planning and geographic information systems within the department of economic development and making appropriations.

SF 53:   A bill for an Act relating to disaster mitigation and predisaster planning by providing for comprehensive watershed management planning, creating a watershed management grant program, providing floodplain management regulation incentives, creating a predisaster hazard mitigation grant program, and making appropriations.

HF28:  A bill for an Act authorizing counties to adopt county legislation relating to the siting of confinement feeding operations.

HF38:   A bill for an Act relating to the assessment and taxation of platted lots and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

HF59:  A bill for an Act providing for the adoption of complete streets policies for certain highway projects. 

HF64:   A bill for an Act relating to eminent domain authority and procedures and including effective date and applicability provisions.

Many bills do not make it past introduction.  We will only be reporting on the progress of these bills if they gain traction over the coming weeks.

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