Legislative action as of March 20

HF268 eliminating smart planning from the Iowa Code.  The House Local Government Committee held an interesting committee hearing Tuesday morning.

HF219 regarding eminent domain, passed the house 93-6, and was sent to the Senate.

HF359 which would nullify the Mall Real Estate case, passed the house 90-10, and was sent to the Senate.

HF307, creating the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, passed the house 100-0 and was sent to the Senate.  The Senate bill is SF289.

HSB75 concerning special assessments, is now HF588.

HF561 would provide a property tax exemption for property used as a fruit and/or vegetable garden by the city or a non-profit(?).

HF516 would place limitations on the provision of water services by rural water associations to areas within two miles of a city after July 1, 2013.  Itexpands the notice requirements placed on the rural water association.  It also substantially increases the required contents of the water plan beyond just showing the new area the district is to serve. Among the new requirements of the plan is the area the district or association intends to serve within four years following the date that the plan is filed with a city; information relating to federal financing, fire protection service capacity, and information related to the number of customers served or intended to be served.  Current law provides that a city may waive its right to provide water service within the areas designated in a water plan. The bill provides that a city may rescind such a waiver after four years if the water district or association has not provided service to the area. The bill provides a definition for the term “economically or  adequately served” related to the provision of water service by a district or association. It provides that a district be compensated for distribution facilities acquired by a city through buyout procedures and provides a formula for determining the amount of compensation to be paid. The bill further provides that a city may provide compensation to a district or association for service that was proposed or intended to be provided by the district or association at the time of acquisition. The bill further provides that if the city or city utility cannot reach an agreement for the retention of certain rights by a district or association, that the issues may be submitted to mediation.

HF498 is a companion to SF280, making new electrical installations on farms subject to the inspection and enforcement provisions  of Chapter 103, which includes requiring the submission of a request for inspection, payment of inspection fees, performance of an inspection, and condemnation and disconnection orders and appeal procedures

SF70 requiring American products in public projects is now SF420

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