Iowa County Annual Fiscal Condition reports for FY 2015 released

Iowa Government Finance Initiative County Annual Fiscal Condition reports, FYE 2015 released

The Community and Economic Development (CED) unit of ISUEO has released the Iowa Government Finance Initiative (IGFI) Annual Fiscal Conditions report, Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) 2015 for the 99 counties in Iowa. In addition to including the updated revenue and expenditure data for all the counties in Iowa for FYE 2015, the report also includes select county level socioeconomic data released by the U.S. Census data earlier this year.

The IGFI reports are a valuable resource to communities in Iowa, especially those that are small and primarily rural in nature to learn about the economic, demographic and fiscal changes taking place and potentially use them as they plan for their future. The FYE 2014 and 2015 county reports can be accessed by clicking on the ‘county reports’ tab at

IGFI is the public finance outreach program from ISU Extension and Outreach that provides resources and works with Iowa local governments on a host of issues including finance and community economic development. The team working on county reports consists of Biswa Das, Cindy Kendall, Liesl Eathington, Chris Seeger, Bailey Hanson and Sandra Burke. Questions on the report can be sent to Biswa Das at or Cindy Kendall at

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