Welcome to The Midwest Planning BLUZ: Iowa State University Extension’s Blog on Land Use and Zoning.  The blog is designed to keep readers current on court cases, legislation and other current topics in land use planning and zoning across the Midwest.  The BLUZ is maintained by Gary Taylor, AICP, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at Iowa State University, along with the assistance of ISU graduate and undergraduate students (more about us under “contributors”).

DISCLAIMER:  Information posted on the Midwest Planning BLUZ is not a substitute for legal advice.  Every situation is unique.  It is unlikely that your land use regulations are identical to any others, that your administrative rules mirror those of your neighbors, or that the specific situation you are facing in a current land use dispute is exactly the same as in any of the court cases reviewed in this blog.  In addition, state legislatures frequently revise state laws, and courts are continually issuing opinions that affect the practice of planning and zoning.  For these reasons it is necessary for you to consult legal counsel to make sure the ideas you take from this blog are consistent with your state’s current law and applicable to your particular situation.

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