ACLU of Nebraska urges Lexington City Council to grant CUP for Islamic Center

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska announced Tuesday that it sent a letter to the City of Lexington, urging the City to grant the Islamic Center of Lexington’s request for a conditional use zoning permit. The Center applied for the permit in 2015 so they could expand in their location at 401 N. Grant, but the Lexington City Council denied the request, stating that the expansion would harm the development of that area of downtown, as well as expressing concerns over parking. The Center, which has occupied a portion of the building in question for several years, actually expanded into the contested area in March 2015 without making a conditional use request.

The full story from the Lexington Exchange is here.

News from around Nebraska: 11,000-acre wind farm proposed south of Lincoln runs into turbulence

An 11,000-acre wind farm proposed for southern Lancaster and northern Gage county is running into public resistance. Volkswind USA wants to build 54 turbines on 7,000 acres of land in Lancaster County and 4,000 acres in Gage County, near Hallam and Cortland.  More than 50 landowners already have signed leases; however, Volkswind has already withdrawn its permit application for one wind turbine on 160 acres within the one-mile territorial jurisdiction of Hallam and canceled a planned public meeting.  Volkswind had invited neighbors to attend after some area residents voiced concerns at at a Hallam village board meeting that the turbines would be unsightly and noisy and would cause health problems and lower their property values.

The Lincoln Journal-Star articles are here:  September 29, October 8.

News from around Nebraska: Local zoning as a challenge to livestock expansion

In this article from Nebraska TV a dairy farmer from central Nebraska talks about the challenges of expanding livestock operations in Nebraska. The primary challenge cited in the article?  Local zoning.  A number of UNL agricultural economists weigh in on the “uncertainty” presented by local zoning.  The lack of local zoning control in Iowa is mentioned.

The article is titled “Steakonomics – Advantages and Disadvantages of Livestock Expansion in Nebraska.”

News from around Nebraska: A pipeline not named Keystone is in western Nebraska zoning dispute

Pony Express Pipeline, LLC has begun construction on a pump station to be used in converting the Pony Express Pipeline from natural gas to crude oil, apparently without filling out the proper paperwork to do so in Kimball County according to the county zoning administrator.  The Pony Express Pipeline, also known as ‘PXP’, runs from Guernsey, Wyoming to Cushing, Oklahoma.  PXP disputes the need for a zoning permit, and has continued with construction despite being issued a notice of violation in mid-January.

The article from the Western Nebraska Observer, “Commissioners take action against Tallgrass” is here.





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