Iowa legislature open for business

The session opened last Monday, and with it began what has come to be an annual attempt to repeal the Smart Planning Act.  HF11 would repeal the 10 smart planning principles, the 13 recommended elements of a comprehensive plan, and all references thereto scattered throughout the code.

The only other development-related activity worth noting at this point is HSB9, which would allow cities to regulate and restrict the occupancy of residential rental property on the basis of square footage, but also prohibit any regulation related to the occupancy of residential rental property based upon the familial or nonfamilial relationships of occupants.

Iowa House Republicans propose rescission of Smart Planning, I-Jobs II infrastructure funding

by Gary Taylor

The Iowa House Republican’s “Taxpayers First Act” proposal, released Monday, proposes to essentially rescind last year’s Smart Planning Act.  The proposal, found here (the relevant Smart Planning provisions begin on page 25) eliminates from state code the ten Smart Planning Principles, the thirteen comprehensive plan elements, and all other references to Smart Planning added to the code. 

The proposal also rescinds any of the $30 million in infrastructure funds awarded last year through I-Jobs II (discussed here) for communities that have not yet entered into a contract for their funds with the Iowa Finance Authority.

The proposal would also close the Rebuild Iowa Office immediately upon passage, rather than wait for the scheduled sunset of the office on June 30, 2011.





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