Region 2 Rising Star Interns are Settling In

The Region 2 interns arrived in north central Iowa on Wednesday and are settling in well. A dinner with the extension council welcomed them to the internship and the area Wednesday evening.  On Thursday and Friday, the interns toured communities in Winnebago County, and met with economic development and chamber of commerce professionals to help them learn a little more about the area. They are looking forward to this summer, here is a little bit about them.

Jamison Brus

Seniorin Community and Regional Planning and Geographical Informational Systems

Jamison found out about the Rising Star Internship through a professor within Community and Regional Planning that has worked within extension. Jamison is interesting in using his knowledge of Community and Regional Planning and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) skills for the Community and Economic Development sector of region 2. Jamison is looking forward to working with the north central Iowa communities and helping them with developmental practices to make a positive impact in the respecting cities and counties in Region 2.

Claire Michelson

Senior in Political Science and Community and Regional Planning

Claire has always wanted to help people, and felt that the Rising Star Internship was a great way to do that while gaining professional skills and experience. She was interested in the internship after talking with a student that participated last year, and a professor who used to work for Iowa State Extension and Outreach.  During this summer Claire is looking forward to working with professionals in community and economic development in Region 2, and helping them develop plans that will positively impact their communities.

Emma Robinson

Junior in Global Resource Systems

Emma is a sophomore at Iowa State University focusing on Global Resource Systems, Horticulture and Spanish. She is looking forward to direct interactions with community members and learning more about the area. Emma is interested in potentially developing a community garden with an emphasis on educating youth of the area through gardening.