Region 1 Week 2

Can you believe the Region 1 interns have been here for two weeks as of today? Neither can we! Throughout our two weeks here, we have learned a few things.

So here you have it… Our Survival Guide for Region 1.

Rule Number 1: Dairy Dandy ice cream in Sheldon is a must-have.

We have officially had it five times since moving in with no shame attached to it.  Our favorites right now are the Scotcheroo Cyclone and the Chocolate Thunder Cyclone with chocolate ice cream.

Rule Number 2: Always be flexible.

With two Agricultural Education majors who love plants, it was no surprise that planting the garden in Rock Rapids would be exciting. Unfortunately, it rained (literally) on our parade, so we were unable to garden on Monday morning. When we finally were able to plant the garden, we laughed throughout the whole afternoon because our rows were planted way slower and not as straight as Margaret Murphy’s rows.  We still have much to learn from Margaret and look forward to spending our summer working closely with her.

Jessica, Kassidy, and Allie holding the plants that were planted in the Demonstration Garden.

Rule Number 3: Breaks are necessary.

After working hard preparing for Bike-n-Bite on Wednesday, we took a refreshing break at a public dock. There, we sat with our feet in the water to cool down and take a brain break.  The three of us learned that having more breaks like that would be beneficial. Not only would it rejuvenate us, but it would also give us a chance to appreciate the beautiful and unique places we visit this summer.

Rule Number 4: Car rides across Region 1 should never be taken for granted.

Car rides from county to county always seem to be so entertaining. Regardless of where we went, the three of us bounced around ideas for our programs this summer, napped, laughed at jokes, and jammed out to some country music. We put on a great live concert, so hit us up if you ever need one!

Overall, the first two weeks as the Rising Star Interns in Region 1 have been fantastic. We have already learned so much, and we look forward to continuing to grow not only professionally, but also personally as we navigate Extension work and life in Northwest Iowa.


Allie Faivre

Agricultural and Life Sciences Education, Teacher Certification

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences