Region 1: Week 3

Busy. Busy. Busy.

This word is the best way to describe the third week of this internship. We can’t believe how quickly time has flown by and how many incredible people we have met. During this past week we got to meet with other Rising Star Interns, put finishing touches on programs that are starting this week, and had the opportunity to get acquainted with other people in O’Brien county.

Pictured: Kassidy, Jessica, Allie, and Cheryl

While doing all of this, we still had plenty of laughs and sang a country song or two. On Tuesday, we met with Region 5 interns and did a food safety workshop where we became acquainted with the necessities of how to conduct a food demonstration. After the workshop, we ate lunch, enjoyed ice cream and discussed what we are planning to do over the summer. Wednesday held a day of meeting other extension staff and learning about the role they play.

On Thursday, our week took a little turn. When we tried to leave the Dickinson County office, Kassidy’s car decided to not start. Her trusty car “Pria,” showed her stubborn side and we were stranded about an hour away from our apartment. We tried for a long while to get the old girl running but with no Uber drivers or taxi services in the area we gave our trusty boss, Cheryl, a

Pictured: Jessica and Allie

call. After we got home, we decided to go to our favorite place in Sheldon, Dairy Dandy, to get some ice cream to celebrate getting home!

Allie and I were very excited for Saturday because we got to do a food demonstration at the Lakes Area Farmers Market in Dickinson County. Although our day started rough with the spilling oour hand washing waterbut luckily, we brought extra. The day ended up being extremely successful when the Summer

Bounty salad was made, and people got to sample a recipe from Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Many people were amazed that we got all of the produce right from the market itself. This week may have been busy, a little exhausting, and without a doubt hectic, but we still ended up laughing through it all.