Region 1- Week 5

There is a point in a relationship at which you realize that you can communicate with the other person through looks, grunts, and general body language. We have officially reached that point here in Region 1. If you ever come to Sheldon to visit the three of us, here’s what you can be ready for.

Personality Differences

Not only have we learned how each of us interacts with the world through our experiences, but we have learned even more about each other by taking the MBTI, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  Jane Goeken helped us to understand how each of our “types” influences how each of us reacts in scenarios and how we are perceived. Working and living together can be interesting at times and comprehending how we all have preferences has already been so helpful.

Looks of Joy

PoP participants had a blast making potato people.

Between Power of Produce, Beginner Gardeners, and dinner at Cindy Gannon’s house, we were filled with joy. At PoP, we tasted kale and built potato people with the kids. Seeing the kids get so excited about sticking googly eyes and pipe cleaners on potatoes was a fantastic way to start off the week.  At Beginner Gardeners, one boy was beyond excited to plant the cockscomb flowers, and another boy literally ran to the garden when we were ready to plant. All of the kids’ faces lit up while working in the garden. We can already see the impact we are making there. That night, we were lucky enough to have dinner at Cindy Gannon’s house. Cindy works for Extension in Ames and is one of the funniest people you will ever meet! We met her friends, husband, and the ISU solar car team (Team prISUm) for a dinner that turned into a bonfire later that night.  I can honestly say that sitting around the fire with our new friends filled my heart with so much joy.

Vicki posed with the tomatoes we harvested that day.

Look of Complete Exhaustion

Everyone was completely exhausted by Thursday night from a busy week and a “producer day”. I spent my day in the greenhouse with Vicki from Kentwood Farms, a hydroponic production that focuses on tomatoes, so I was ready for a nap when I got home. We had planned to go to Sheldon High School’s Summer Theater that night, but it just wasn’t going to work out unless we wanted to pay to take a wonderful nap! One look from each of us proved that the play, Death by Design, would have to wait another night.

Look of Contentment

Whoever said that anything other than ice cream is the key to a woman’s heart is wrong!  This weekend, we traveled to Le Mars, Iowa, the ice cream capitol of the world, for Ice Cream Days. Not only did we get to meet so many wonderful people while there, but we also ate some amazing ice cream at the Parlor. Each of us had a look of contentment on our faces the moment our ice cream was handed over to us and we took the first bite.

Every job has its highs and lows. Our “lows” are not even low, but our highs are the best feelings of contentment, joy, and pure happiness. When I wake up every morning to the grunts and casual hand waves from my roommates, I know that we have something truly special here.


Allie Faivre