Region 2 Week 6

It has been a work week here in region 2! This week Jamison met with Melissa Michealis who is the director of Winn-worthbetco. Jamison completed his online survey as well as sending out a personal mailed bio and a letter written by Melissa about the project and the survey link to all of the 150+ businesses in Lake Mills. Jamison has continued to work on the GIS map for his project as well as beginning to teach himself how to use spec design software.

This week Emma has been working on putting a portfolio together to give to the YMCA regarding the educational garden they would like to put on their property. The YMCA will be able to use this as a reference as they continue making plans for the garden. She has also been putting together a survey to give out to Buffalo Center community members. This survey will ask citizens of Buffalo Center and surrounding areas if they would be interested in having a Farmers’ Market in Buffalo Center. Once results of the survey are taken in, they will be used to attract potential vendors to the Farmers’ Market.

This week Claire Michelson and Emma Robinson visited the Iowa State Extension and Outreach Research Farm, unfortunately, the field was too wet so we were not able to do a tour of the research farm, but the Kanawha Fire department was nice enough to let us go there. Emma and Claire leaned about the benefits of sulfur with corn and cover crops for Iowa in avoiding weeds. Overall it was a fantastic opportunity and the interns learned a lot about the programs Iowa State Extension and Outreach puts on. We thank all of the presenters as it was very informational. Otherwise,   for the week Claire has worked on her projects for the town of Buffalo Center and Whittemore.