Biking Across Region 20!


Smoothie Recipe – we added local honey to this recipe to add some sweetness to the smoothie!

KIDS try KALE – Week three, the moment we have been anticipating all summer, why? Smoothie Bikes! Our lesson of the week was to promote physical activity along with local foods, and what better way than a self-blended smoothie? A smoothie bike has a blender attachment that blends as the pedals move forward. The Rising Star interns created a recipe card using a recipe from the Spend Smart. Eat Smart app ( Ingredients included: Local strawberries, local honey, Greek yogurt, fat free milk, and the secret ingredient… KALE, (local of course). Once all the ingredients were in the pitcher, students had the opportunity to pedal away as their smoothies blended.

As the students sampled the smoothie, we received positive feedback and many enjoyed the Kale! It just goes to show that you can blend your smoothies and drink it too!

We first took the bike to the Fort Madison Farmers Market at the beginning of the week and convinced some adults to give the bike a ride. However, the farmer’s market on Monday night did not begin very smoothly. It was a very hot day and after arriving to the farmer’s market rather early, setting up the bike and our table, we had an issue come about. We heard a loud pop and the release of air. We look at the front tire of our bike and saw that it had popped and was now completely flat! This put us into panic mode as the farmers market was scheduled to begin in less than an hour. We began to call all the hardware stores in town, asking if they had a bike tire and could replace ours. We got ahold of the True Value that was only 5 minutes away and they said they could fix our problem right away! We rushed there and were able to replace the flat tire and make it back to the farmers market only 5 minutes after it had started. The rest of the evening was successful as many were surprised what was in our delicious smoothie!

Student puts smoothie bikes speed to test as intern Kelley Harris holds down the blender

Within the schools, we found the smoothie bikes definitely attracted the most kids for us so far! We had nearly 100 kids between our four schools ride the bike. The thought of being able to sit on top of a bike and pedal as if you are riding a bike, but instead blending a smoothie was amazing to the kids! They loved making it a contest to see who could ride the bike the fastest and blend the tastiest smoothie. One of our favorite things this week was seeing the reaction on the kids face when they hear that there is green stuff, called kale, blended into their smoothie!



We looked forward to the next upcoming weeks with our Sharing from the Garden Program. Stay tuned for many upcoming smoothie bike stories and pictures as they travel to county fairs across Region 20!



Region 20 Interns

Kelley, Allison and Kelsey