Region 5 Week 2

Interns (left to right): Joi and Ebere at the Sioux City Farmers Market
2 of the Region 5 interns at the Sioux City Farmers Market

It has been a busy first few weeks! On Saturday Ebere and I (Joi) went to the Sioux City Farmers Market and did our first food demo. We made a corn and asparagus salad with produce we bought right from the farmers market that day. It was a definitely a crowd favorite!

It was exciting to meet some of the vendors and learn more about the products they were selling. I grew up going to farmers markets with my family, but it was a different experience being behind the tent and giving out samples for people to try.

Looking ahead at the summer, we will get to do food demos at a lot more farmers markets around Region 5. I can’t wait to meet more vendors and community members while getting a chance to talk about local healthy foods!


Corn and Asparagus Salad

Makes 4 servings


1 bag of frozen corn

2 bunches of asparagus, trimmed

1 small red onion diced

¼ cup fresh basil



¼ cup sugar

1 cup rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon black pepper

¼ teaspoon salt


Defrost corn and place in medium sized bowl. Cut asparagus into 1-inch angled sections. Place asparagus into a medium sized bow with corn.

In another medium size bowl, mix together sugar, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Drizzle over corn and asparagus. Mix together well and chill or serve at room temperature.

-Joi Latson

Global Resource Systems & Spanish

Region 5

Region 2 Week 3

It has Been a project as well as a professional development week here in Region 2 From our experiences and meetings with community members from around the region, we started to work on our project proposals for our projects that we started formulating last week. This week our projects, as well as our ideas, have gotten larger and more defined. We are excited about our projects to unfold in the coming weeks and see the impact they have on the local communities in the region. This week we attended some intern skill-building events and meetings held by the Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development. The sessions that were held that we attended included Seeking Professional Growth and an intern networking luncheon session. We enjoyed the workshops and meetings that we attended this week and learned a lot about how to present ourselves as Rising Star interns more effectively and gained valuable contacts that we will utilize during and after this internship is over.

This week Emma had meetings with the YMCA to start drafting designs for the educational garden. On Tuesday, she met with a Master Gardener for some help with picking which plants will be best to put into the garden. On Wednesday, Claire and Emma assisted with a Delayed Planting Workshop. Farmers were able to come in and get some advice from USDA representatives and crop insurance agencies on how to handle the damage from their flooded fields.

This week Claire did a radio interview for KLGA Hometown Radio for Kossuth Counties Extension update. In this interview, she went over background information about herself and then went on to discuss her ideas for a strategic plan for the Kossuth County town of Whittemore. As well as possible ideas for the town pool, and an open green space in their park. The radio interview was a great experience and she is hoping to go on the program again when she has more information about the project. She is very excited to be working with the people of the town as they are very enthusiastic about the plans.

Finally, this week Jamison had a meeting with the director of public works in Lake Mills, Ross Hanson. Jamison got a lot of feedback and information to move ahead on his project pertaining to businesses in Lake Mills. Jamison will be working with CD-DIAL on a professional survey pertaining to economic development in Lake Mills in the coming week. He is very excited about how community members and business professionals are helping him in his project and is looking forward to the weeks ahead.