Week 2 for Region 1 Interns

Week two has officially wrapped up for Region 1 interns! This past week has been full of daycare programming and prep work for the upcoming Bike-N-Bite that will take place in Dickinson County. We also stopped by Landsmeer Ridge Retirement Community located in Sioux County to help residents plant flowers on the property.

We also paid a visit to the Orange City Daycare to see where we will be planting the gardens. The staff was lovely and helped us get settled into where the day care program will be completed. We decided on a rainbow theme for the daycare lessons and could not be more excited to share this curriculum with children of both the Orange City Daycare and the Bright Beginnings Daycare in Sibley.

The biggest undertaking of the past week has been the promotional work for Bike-N-Bite. We traveled to Dickinson County Extension and Outreach to gather information on the vendors that will be participating in the 2nd Annual Bike-N-Bite in Okoboji. We got a chance to get to know the businesses that will be participating as well as the individuals who work behind the scenes to make the event happen. One of my favorite stops had to be Lisa’s Bake Shoppe where we were able to take in all the delicious smells while filming, and I didn’t mind the beautiful lake views that accompanied the journey either!

Everyone has been so welcoming at the county offices and really make us feel like we are a part of the extension team. They even let me steal a cup from the office coffee pot every now and then to fuel my caffeine addiction. We would like to thank Fred Hall, the dairy specialist at Sioux County, who took the time to meet with us to discuss his work and how we can apply this knowledge to the Adult Ag Citing Program we will be preparing for in the weeks to come.

We will definitely keep busy this summer, and look forward to all the programs we will continue to design and improve upon. Look next week to see our progress, and thank you for taking the time to read about our journey!