Region 3 – Catching Up!

You haven’t heard from us here in Region 3 for awhile, I bet you’re wondering what we’ve been doing! Let us tell you!

We have really dove into work on our reports, presentations, and final meetings. As of today the reports are turned in. It is CRAZY to think that we are this far into the summer already! We have had our last Top of Iowa Trail meeting and Child Care Committee meeting. We have one last meeting coming up tomorrow, where we are going to meet with the Sheffield Care Center, a small group from the Child Care Committee, and Tammy (the child care director and intergenerational care coordinator from Acorns and Oaks – an intergenerational care facility) to answer any questions either group might have.

A few weeks back we spent time collecting pictures for our Top of Iowa Trail Report. We stopped and grabbed ice cream in Mason City on our way back! I was perfect for the hot summer day!

Last week we were busy with the Franklin County Fair. We attended the extension council meeting, handed out flyers for our pitch at the Iowa State Fair, and won the cake decorating and salsa making contests!

As we are looking forward, we have presentations to give to the communities of Worth County and Sheffield and the deans of the colleges at Iowa State University. We are also presenting a pitch of our child care project in Sheffield at the Iowa State Fair to compete in the hopes of getting money for the project! This is a really great opportunity that has been presented to us and we hope if you are reading this that you come out to the Iowa State Fair Varied Industries Building from 3:30pm to 4:30pm on August 11th and vote for our project so we can advance on!