Goodbye from Region 5

It was real, it was fun, and it was real fun

Last week was our last summer camp at the Woodbury Office, which was Kids in the Kitchen. At this camp, the youth has the opportunity to learn the 5 different good groups and also got plenty of time in the kitchen and good different meal throughout the day. This camp was three separate days

We have done a couple of food demos in the past few weeks. One of the demos was at the Mapleton Food Giveaway where we sampled guacamole. A couple of days ago we sampled crunchy cabbage salad and give away a bunch of recipes from Spend Smart Eat Smart Website!

Last Thursday, we went down to Onawa to help clean up the Demo Garden. Look at the before and after pictures

When we first started in Region 5 we were told many times that this summer was going to go fast. Well, they were right! As we only have a couple of days left in Region 5, we have been a lot doing our “last”. For all of us, it was a great experience working with everyone and making a lot of connections within Region 5. We are really sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we are glad we took this opportunity to work and learn more about extension! Goodbye from Region 5