Fair Frenzy | Week 9 in Region 1

Fair Season is officially underway here in northwest Iowa! This past week I have spent most of my days away from my computer at the Osceola and Sioux County Fairs.

Tell me my Fortune!

Do you remember that paper fortune teller game that we used to play in elementary school? This week we put a PoP Club spin on that game and made Veggie Fortune Tellers! The kids had to come up with a fruit or vegetable to represent each color on the handout. The kids used markers, crayons, and stickers to draw the produce in the corresponding squares. Now, the kids can play a game to determine what vegetable or fruit they are going to eat that day. They can also help their parents or guardians make meals with this game. This can make kids more willing to eat produce because they can have a say in what they eat each day. The kids enjoyed making the fortune-tellers and were excited to try them out. Many of the kids had never made these before, so the tradition continues on because of PoP Club!

The kids also got to try fresh green beans this week. The majority of the kids enjoyed the beans, with only a few disliking them.

Fair Fun!

On Monday, I got to be a comment writer for static exhibit judging in Osceola County. I also got to judge working exhibits in Sioux County on Wednesday, and I judged Herdsmanship in Osceola County on Thursday.

I also set up my StoryWalk at both the Osceola and Sioux County Fairs. So far, many people have participated in it and they are enjoying the self-guided tour of the animal barns as they read the book.

Lastly, I did two Dairy Detectives camps this week, one at each fair. I had to modify my activity at the Sioux County Fair due to the rain, but we still had a blast. We started our camp by talking about the difference between dairy and beef (meat) cattle. Then, we went to the dairy barn to talk about dairy cows and the dairy industry, while observing the dairy cows. After that, we talked about the milking process and the kids got to try milking a model dairy cow. After that, we talked about the pasteurization and homogenization process, and identify products that have milk in them. We finished our camp by making homemade ice cream.

Thank you to the Western Iowa Dairy Alliance for letting us borrow Bessie and for giving us cow hats!

It’s also not fair week if your car isn’t fully packed for your activities!

I will also be on the radio at noon on Friday, July 16 on KICD FM 107.7 to talk about my internship this summer!

Next week I will be at the Lyon County Fair. Stop on over on Tuesday at noon for Dairy Detectives and meet Bessie!