Splish, Splash, and Salsa

Week 10

Although there are only a couple more weeks left the Region 11 Rising Stars are finding plenty of ways to keep busy such as making salsa and glitter jars. 

We started our week heading to Walmart to get supplies for Splish Splash to-go kits. Splish Splash is another fun 4-H Clover Kid on the go lesson designed for kids in 3rd grade and below. We gathered our supplies from the office and Walmart and worked to put together all of our kits. In total, we made 250 to-go kits! We plan to hand these kits out on Wednesday at the Prairie Lunch Program. For an afternoon adventure, we headed on over to Hy-Vee. We gathered ingredients to make salsa, which we will be using during garden club at Jane Boyd.

Tuesday, we attended our weekly lesson at Jane Boyd Community House in Cedar Rapids, IA, to facilitate a lesson about knife safety and handling. We demonstrated how to hold a knife and cut vegetables correctly. Then the youth got their own kid-safe, plastic knife to practice cutting peppers and tomatoes. Afterward, we added their ingredients and cilantro, lime juice, garlic, and onion to make fresh salsa. They enjoyed getting to try the salsa that they helped make. In the afternoon, we handed out kits at the Rollin’ Recmobile. The kids enjoyed making calming glitter jars and took home some kits to make homemade ranch. 

We set out to Prairie Intermediate School on Wednesday to spend the first part of our day handing out the Splish Splash to-go kits to families there for the grab-and-go meal program. This was our last time handing out kits at this program. During our time spent at this site, we were able to hand out over 800 to-go kits. Our afternoon was spent editing our report and power-point. We hopped onto a zoom call with Cindy Gannon to review our written report and discuss details for our final presentation. This meeting was beneficial for us, and we are excited to share the impact we made in both counties. 

Handing out to-go kits at the Praire Lunch Program.

We traveled on over to Shellsburg, IA, Thursday morning to do another fun program with the Creative Kids Company. We had tons of fun making calming glitter jars with the kids and talking about mindfulness and how they can use their calming glitter jars when sad, nervous, angry, etc. We also practiced destressing through some fun yoga poses such as tree pose, warrior pose, and sun salutation. Everyone had tons of fun with this program and liked shaking and showing off their calming glitter jars at the very end. 

Friday, we had a great time traveling to Cleveland Elementary for our weekly lesson with Kids at Couse University. The lesson for this week was all about seeds. We taught the kids what cotyledon, monocot, and dicot mean, different parts of a seed, and different monocots and dicots, including corn and soybeans, respectively. We also gave them the chance to plant a dicot seed of their own and gave them a choice between watermelon and tomatoes. Next week we have our last program with Kids on Course University, so stay tuned!

-Tatum and Maelyn