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Week One in Region 4


Hello from region 4! The fellow Rising Stars and I will be working on seven projects this summer throughout Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Mitchell, and Worth counties. We are a team of four and have been enjoying our internship a ton! 

(From left to right: Cooper Frakes, Sarah Nelson, Aleyda Ramirez Reyes, Rebecca Crawford) 

Cooper is in the College of Design studying Architecture. He is from LeClaire, Iowa located just outside the Quad Cities.  

Sarah is in the College of Human Sciences studying Family and Consumer Sciences Education with a minor in Food and Society. She is from Moville, Iowa. 

I, Aleyda am in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences studying environmental science with a minor in sustainability from Des Moines, Iowa. 

Rebecca is in the College of Agriculture and Lifes Sciences) studying Global Resource Systems and Nutritional Science, with a minor in Global Health. She is from Grinnell, Iowa. 

Moving into the Egloff House

Our first week our internship began, we were working remotely from Ames and are so excited to be here in Mason City now to start off our second week! Our regional director Donovan Olson got us the Egloff house to stay in this summer and we like to think that out of all the rising stars, we got the coolest housing. It is a historical house up here named the Egloff house and the other interns and I love it. It has everything color coded for nice and easy organization, cool interior and nice big beds and rooms.  We have nicknamed it “the boat” because of the nautical feel the home has, from the circular windows on the outside to some nautical decorations within the rec room. We love the boat!

Meeting Everyone

(Intern Meeting with one of the Hampton Farmer’s Market vendor) 

We have been quite busy this week meeting everyone in our region. We have met almost everyone that we will be working with this summer and are so delighted to be working with all of them! Everyone we have met with has great ideas on what they want done for each project and we are thrilled to help them bring their visions to life as best as we can. Although we have many projects and many people to meet we are equally excited to work on all of them! We have been making good progress on our projects and are looking forward to sharing more about it with you all! 

The fellow Rising Stars and I hope to share more next week! 



Welcome from Region 11

Meet The Interns:

Benton County:

Name: Jenny Hagg

Major: Community Regional Planning

Minors: GIS and sustainability

Hometown: Ankeny, IA

Dream career: Urban planner for a large city

Fun fact: I have been to 10 different countries 

The past two weeks have been very busy in Benton county! We started off with an orientation where we learned about the county and Old School Produce Partnership. Old School Partnership is a 100% donation garden in Vinton, Iowa. The garden is also 100% run on all volunteers. The garden is at the “old school” and all of the planting happens on the old football field, rumor has it that it was one of best football fields in Iowa. Last year they donated over 20,000 lbs of fresh produce to 9 food banks all over Benton county. With summer here they are looking for many volunteers to help them reach their goal of donating 20,000 lbs of produce to local food banks.

Linn County:

Name: Shay Kent

Major: Global Resource Systems

Hometown: Urbandale, IA

Dream Career: Working with International Food System policy 

Fun Fact: I once had lunch with the Vice President of Peru

The past two weeks have been off to a quick start with planning for our fun summer plans! After meeting the staff in Linn, Benton, and Jones counties we were off to work planning for weekly trips to a local summer camp, monthly visits to the Marion Farmer’s Market with the Power of Produce Program, and developing a system for Women in Ag Programming in Linn County. From various planning meetings to creating a few craft kits and lesson plans we were hard at work creating interactive, entertaining, and educational lessons and activities for our county. This also included learning about all the cool programs and lesson options Iowa State Extension has to offer so stay tuned to hear how we implement them throughout the summer!

Jones County

Name: Tyson Fleshner 

Major: Global Resource Systems and Agronomy 

Hometown: La Porte City, IA 

Dream Career: Field Agronomist 

Fun Fact: I spent my spring break this year in Uganda 

My work in Jones County has been based on preparing for Summer Science Discovery coming up for the month of June. I have been scheduling, preparing the curriculum and gathering the supplies necessary for the month of programming. We will be doing two and a half hours of STEM based programming in six different towns across the county. The curriculum ranges to work with students from kindergarten through fifth grade and is a great supplement to keeping kids engaged throughout the summer. 

Week One In Region Six

The Rising Star interns from Region
Six had a successful and fun first
week! We kicked the day off by
traveling down to the ice cream capital
of the world, Le Mars, Iowa! We were
joined by Region One for orientation in
the Plymouth County Extension office.

After learning all about the history of ISU Extension and the importance of food safety, we had the world-famous Blue Bunny ice cream before heading back to Woodbury for the

Throughout the week, we met with the whole Woodbury office staff, and took time to plan our short summer together! Wednesday was spent observing the Sioux City Farmer’s Market to prepare for our POP Club events! Thursday was
spent meeting local restaurants in Downtown Sioux City for the upcoming Bike and Bite event!

The first week ended with a beautiful Friday spent at the Onawa Office planting a few rows in their demonstration garden! After heading back to our home office in Woodbury, we helped water the teaching garden and plant some new pots.

The first week down, and the whole summer to go! We cannot wait for the rest of our upcoming projects!

  • Nathan, Gabrielle, and Alexandra 

Week 1 in Region 18 | Getting Started!

Hello everyone! This is Kaylee Kleitsch, one of the two interns for Region 18. Since this is my first blog post, I’ll introduce myself! I grew up on a farm just outside of Fairbank, a small town in Northeast Iowa. I lived with my two parents, Rick and Brenda, and my younger twin brothers, Brock and Brody. My family raises hogs and rowcrops, and we have a handful of cattle and other animals to show at our county fair and as pets. I just finished my first year at Iowa State majoring in Agriculture and Rural Policy, with a double minor in Political Science and Environmental Studies. I’m so excited for this summer and all the experiences that will come with the Rising Star internship! I’ll be working alongside Jacob Guthrie, and I’ll let him introduce himself in next week’s blog post.

We started things out by getting to know Newton, one of the towns that we will be working out of. Carol Camp gave us a quick tour of the town after we stopped by the courthouse to try and find some records for one of our projects. Later that day, we were able to meet some community members and help to plant tomatoes and peppers. Once ripe, those tomatoes and peppers will be donated to a local food pantry. It’s an amazing program and we’re glad that we got the chance to be a part of it.

We dove right into our project the next time we were in Newton. Jake and I were tasked with researching the history of the lot that will someday become a community garden. There was a rumor that once upon a time there were houses sitting on that lot, but we really didn’t know how many or where they were placed. The information was a bit difficult to find, but after a few hours looking at historical aerial photos and various land maps, we were able to figure out that there were three homes on the property, and their relative locations. We were also able to find information on the soil composition and the topography of the land, and figure out what sorts of plants may have the best outcome in this area. With that information, we were able to meet with the Jasper County Master Gardeners and give a presentation about the gardening possibilities on the site.

In Knoxville, we kept busy with a training about how to run the day camps later this summer. We learned a lot of very useful skills, and got to know some other interns that will be working in the area this summer. Jake and I were tasked with our next project: setting up for Day Camps throughout the month of June. This means a lot of sorting, reading, and shopping. Once the camps start, we really won’t have any more time to prep! We also got to test out some of the experiments for our Fizz, Bubble, Goo camp for kindergarten through third graders!

All in all, Jake and I had a blast this week! We loved getting to know everybody at the offices and we are so excited to see how our projects in the different counties grow over the next couple of months.

Week 1 in Region 1

Morgan Farnham (left), Erin Reich (middle), and Camilla Schlosser (right)

Oh the Places You’ll Drive 🚘

Hello! We are the Region 1 Rising Star Interns. We just completed our first week and had so much fun starting to visit all of our counties! This summer we are looking forward to having Power of Produce (PoP) Clubs at farmers markets in Sheldon, Rock Rapids, Rock Valley, and Orange City. We are also educating clients at Day Hab facilities in Sibley and Orange City about nutrition and healthy living. Another project we have is working with the George Childcare Center on having a garden and teaching them more about nutrition. 

Our first day was Monday, May 23 and we traveled to Le Mars for orientation with Region 6. We were also able to visit the Wells Blue Bunny Parlor for ice cream. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we visited the staff at the county offices in our region including Lyon, O’Brien, Osceola, and Sioux. We also started to plan all of our activities for this summer. We are so excited for the activities to start and can’t wait to continue meeting new people!

Meet the Team

Joke of the Week

Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?🍊

It ran out of juice!