Region 4 – Week Highlights

Many things have been in motion for Region Four. With all the projects in full swing and a busy week ahead, we would like to share some highlights from last week.

[The team touring Hanson Farm led by Merle Hanson]

The first project highlight in Region Four comes from a project called Art on the Farm. One objective of this project is to collect information about assets. To help accomplish this task, the team took a tour around the farm. Led by Merle Hanson, the team was shown expectations for the final project. The next step for this project is redeveloping a site map that includes building and plant locations. This week we plan to gain a better understanding of what construction expectations will look like.

[Community Gardens in Franklin County]

The second project highlight comes from one of our four community gardens. This project has slowly taken hold within Franklin County. Many groups have planned to work together to rebuild this garden as a community. This week, the team plans to clean up the space. Be on the lookout next week for a before and after picture. We also plan to develop resources and activities for individuals to learn more about garden involvement.

[From left to right: Cooper Frakes, Aleyda Ramirez Reyes]

The third project highlight comes from a project called Central Gardens. This community garden is in Clear Lake, Iowa. After a meeting to set project expectations on creating a volunteer handbook, the team was shown around this magnificent garden. We learned each garden plot is adopted by an individual who then becomes responsible for its upkeep. This layout allows each garden to receive thorough care. With a variety of garden themes along many meandering paths, it is easy to see why so many individuals visit this garden.

[From left to right: Cooper Frakes, Aleyda Ramirez Reyes, Sarah Nelson, Rebecca Crawford]

To end our week off right, we stopped at South Shore Donuts Co. to celebrate National Donut Day. This little donut shop is located in Clear Lake, Iowa. With a variety of choices, it was hard to decide what sweet treat to eat. The donuts were complemented with a nice drive around the lake.