Week 3 in Region 18 | Fizz, Bubble, Goo!

Hello again! This week, Jake and I got started on our Day Camps in Marion County! We’re very happy that ourselves and the kids all made it out in one piece, but beyond that, we think that everyone had a blast and learned a lot! Fizz, Bubble, Goo was a day camp that focused on the difference between chemical and physical reactions, the three states of matter, surface tension of liquid, and how science can be fun! Tuesday we had seven K-3rd graders attend in Knoxville, while Thursday we had nine K-3rd graders take part in Pella.

The camp is called Fizz, Bubble, Goo for a good reason! There were plenty of fun experiments for the kids(and Jake and I) to take part in. Everybody even got to bring home their very own slime and hydro-dipped artwork! We loved to meet all of these young members of the community, and can’t wait to see some familiar faces at some other day camps we will be hosting later this summer.

For our Jasper county project, I dedicated much of my time to researching various plants that would do well in the garden and compiled them into an excel sheet to present to the master gardeners in the near future. While I was working on that, Jake was busy finishing up the map for the garden on Illustrator. I might be biased, but I think it looks amazing!! More likely than not, this won’t be the final version. We’ll get the inputs from the master gardeners and go from there! As I type this post, Jake is working on making even more drawings for the garden, but these will be perspectives and section drawings that we can use to show people what walking through the garden will look like!

Inspiration Garden Illustrative

When we weren’t prepping, cleaning, researching, designing, or hosting day camps, Jake and I took it upon ourselves to have a bit of fun and explore the communities around us. We walked to the rooftop of the Roe Center in Pella, where they have plants growing. For lunchtime in our Pella camp we took all of the kids over to the Wooden Playground a few blocks down the street to eat and play. Jake tried his best to hula-hoop four at a time while we were picking up, and we stopped at Kone Korner in Knoxville for some ice cream! Needless to say, it was a great week!

Thanks for keeping up with what we’ve been doing here in Region 18! We’ll see you next week.