Week Three in Region 6

Here are our highlights for this week in Region 6!

PoP Club Recipe Testing

Gabrielle spent all day Monday testing recipes for a future PoP Club event featuring rainbow lemonade! Everyone in the office enjoyed being a taste tester for all the different recipes. In an attempt to make multi-colored lemonade, Gabrielle infused different lemonades with oranges, strawberries, blueberries, green apple, and kiwi!

Monona Library Club

On Wednesday, Nathan, Gabrielle, and Alex headed over to the Onowa Public Library to help lead activities for the Monona Library Program. This program is a way for students to get outside, learn about healthy lifestyles, and make friends during their summer break! Some of the activities included making a smoothie on the blender bike, learning about heart rate, the value in eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, and a visualization of how much sugar is in different beverages.

Watch Me Grow- Beyond the Bell

Gabrielle went to Bronson Elementary School today to teach kids about seed dissection. As the summer progresses, students will learn more about plant growth as their own plants develop!

Food Truck Friday

Nathan, Gabrielle, Alex, and Madeline all went to Food Truck Friday to support local businesses. Check back next month to see some of these vendors at our Bike and Bite event!

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