This Week In Region 11

Power of Produce

On Saturday Jenny and Shay had the opportunity to lead the PoP club at the Marion Farmers market. The main activity we did this week was a vegetable taste testing. There were radishes, snap peas, carrots, and asparagus. Not to much surprise the carrots and snap peas were the kids favorite, however many kids were surprised on how good the asparagus tasted. The least popular and got the most negative reviews were the radishes; however the kids were eager to try them and thought they were “little apples”. If the kids tasted at least one veggie they were rewarded with a three dollar coupon to use at any vendor that sold produce. We look forward for more PoP at different farmers markets in the future.

Linn County

Linn County has been busy busy busy this week with all sorts of fun activities. On Monday I hopped over to Benton to meet with representatives from the Natural Resource Conservation Service to discuss their Women Land and Legacy Program and Women in Ag programming efforts. Then Tuesday I was switching gears and helping with our Art Investigators day camp in Marion where we learned about primary and secondary colors through a series of art activities. Wednesday we were off to Mt Vernon for another day camp, this time on the Science of Flight. We didn’t let the weather get us down as we launched paper airplanes and made paper helicopters. By Thursday we got a quick break to prepare for our visit to the Hiawatha Summer Camp and the Power of Produce stand the following few days. When we visited Hiawatha we made ice cream! We read books about ice cream and how it’s made before making some of our own before the rain came. While the rain stopped our fun in Hiawatha it did not stop our late lunch in Stone City with staff from Linn, Benton, and Jones. We visited a local restaurant and got to chat about how the last few weeks have gone and get to know staff members we don’t work with on a regular basis better.

Jones County

This was an exciting week in Jones County as we had our first week of Summer Science Discovery. Our classes for the week took place in Wyoming at the community’s Calkins Barn and in Cascade split between the City Hall and the Community Park. We had a couple days of rain which had us doing more a couple more inside activities than were planned but there were lots of fun lessons that the kids enjoyed. They were very excited to finally get outside and enjoy the weather and play some outdoor games. The curriculum planned was a success and we are looking forward to the rest of the classes in Jones County this month!

Thank you!!

Jenny, Shay, and Tyson