Week 4 in Region 18 | Agriculture (and meetings) Everyday

Hello! We started this week by working diligently on our project presentation in Newton. I worked on the design and made a few section drawings to help the viewer understand more about the site while Kaylee researched some materials such as lighting, bricks, concrete, rocks, soil, and many other materials! We then met the Jasper County Extension and Outreach Council and showed them our progress with the project so far; meeting such a great group of people was nice!

On Tuesday, Kaylee and I prepared for our Agriculture Everyday Camp. I also refined some more details in the design and put them into the presentation. We then drove to Newton to show our progress to the Master Gardeners. We also watched a presentation on how to graft roses before we presented. We received positive feedback with lots of helpful critiques! After working a 12-hour workday, we decided that getting Mcdonald’s would be the best way to end the day.

On Wednesday, Kaylee and I made the necessary changes to our design and ensured it met the Master Gardeners requirements.

On Thursday, we had our Agriculture Everyday Camp in Pella, Iowa. Since we had a larger group than usual, Max, an intern for the Marion County Extension and Outreach office, came to help teach the camp! This was Max’s first camp, and we think he did a really good job helping us out! We enjoyed teaching the kids about animal safety, insects, and crops! Being from a suburb of Chicago, I am not very fond of agricultural knowledge, so I also learned a lot from the camp.

On Friday, we are wrapping up the week and reflecting on what went well and what we can improve for future weeks. We also ended our day early because we worked overtime on Monday and Tuesday. With all this extra time, Kaylee is going home to Fairbank, and I am going home to Naperville, IL, to celebrate Father’s Day with our families.

We can’t wait to refine our design and present it at the City of Newton Council meeting on Monday, June 20th, at 6 pm!

See you all next week, Happy Father’s Day!


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