Week 4 in Region 1

Can YOU Name that Produce?

This week’s PoP Club activity was “Name That Produce”. Participants had to close their eyes while they stuck their hand in the box. They then used their sense of touch to name the produce. Some of the mystery items we featured were an apple, kiwi, peach, broccoli, jalapeno, potato, and a cucumber. The children did a very good job guessing correctly! Some adults participated in the game and a few were stumped and couldn’t guess the right produce.        
Our featured vegetable for this week was radishes. For most children it was their first time trying them. They either loved it or spit it out.

Ready, Set, Grow!

On Tuesday, we started our morning in Lyon County helping with the garden club. The garden club is comprised of 4th-6th graders and their main goal this summer is to tend to their own plots. They have planted a variety of plants including carrots, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and flowers. This week their activity was to create a label for all their plants and continue caring for their plots. Each week they do a garden-themed activity to grow their knowledge in the area. This group is very independent and excited to learn. 

Fruit Kebabs with Dayhab

For the DayHab programs in Sibley and Orange City, we just wrapped up on our fruit lesson by making fruit kebabs. For this lesson, we began by discussing the importance of washing your hands and produce as well as knife safety. The fruit that we put on the skewers were strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and grapes. They were also given the option to dip them in yogurt. Everyone really enjoyed doing this activity and it was a great way to introduce a healthy snack to them. They all received another $2 token to use at Sibley Super Foods or at the area Farmers’ Market. 

The Garden is Growing at George Daycare

Wednesday morning we started off by heading to the George Daycare. This week, for our outside activities, they watered their garden, sang a banana song, and played produce themed “Would you Rather” and “Who Am I.” Inside they continued to learn about MyPlate by doing a couple of fun activities and also played the same “Name that Produce” game that we did at PoP Club. The children really loved being able to touch the produce and then guess what it was. Inside we also talked about the different parts of a plant by doing a fun narrative lesson. The children started by being seeds on the ground and grew to be beautiful plants. This was a fun way to introduce that plants have different parts such as the roots, stem, or leaves. 

Joke of the Week

What vegetable loves rollercoasters?


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