Week Four in Region 6

Here is our week four highlights on this humid, hot week!

Monona Demonstration Garden

On Monday, with a high of 103 degrees, Nathan and Alex headed over to Monona to help weed their demonstration garden, and lay down newspaper and mulch for ground cover. After three to four hours spent outside, a break in the air conditioning was well deserved!

Livestock Day

On Tuesday, Alex headed back to Monona to help lead an activity for Livestock Day. The students spent the day doing activities that include labeling parts of livestock animals, washing and moving pigs, handling chickens, and a quiz bowl! Swine expert, Dave Stender, emphasized the importance of biosecurity in agriculture and used the glow-germ activity to show how quickly diseases can spread.

Clover Kids Camp

Tuesday and Wednesday in Plymouth County was loads of fun for 4-H Clover Kids and Rising Stars! The day was packed full of crafts including decorating wind chimes and flower pots, planting marigolds, making bird feeders, and pom pom caterpillars. Kids also listened to special guest, Victoria De Vos, who taught an interactive activity about plant growth. The day ended with ice cream and swimming!

Project Camp

Nathan, Gabrielle, and Alex headed over to Onowa for Project Camp! The kids made cinnamon rolls, sewed pillowcases, constructed squirrel feeders, and made a few art pieces. A lot of these projects will be presented at the county fair this summer!

This week was action packed with lots of activities and fun! Check back every week to see what Gabrielle, Nathan, and Alex are up to!

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